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Kenwood TK-780
VHF Compact Synthesized FM Mobile Conventional/Trunking Radio
The Kenwood TK-780 Multi-Mode wireless mobile radio operates on multiple systems types: traditional two-way conventional repeater and simplex, trunking (LTR) with wide or narrow bandwidth. 


Comes with Mic and Power Cord, no mounting bracket.


Main Features

Radios have large channel capacity: 600-channel in Trunked Mode and 250-channel  in Conventional Mode. It provides more than enough channel space for company-wide, departmental and divisional requirement. The unit dynamically allocates the 32 system and 250-group memory capacity as system parameters are programmed. Each programmed system can be either set for either conventional or trunked operation.

The high-resolution dot matrix liquid crystal display furnishes the user with a simple easy-to-read interface. 

System scan and group scan permit monitoring multiple systems and talk groups for calls. Priority scanning is available with programmed conventional systems. Talk Back scan permits users to respond immediately to calls regardless of the pre-programmed or selected scan revert channels.

Alphanumeric Two-Way paging.Two-Way Alphanumeric Messaging provides the built-in capability to send and receive both pre-stored status messages and custom alphanumeric text messages. The received messages are stored in memory and can be reviewed.  Each unit has an electronic serial number for message identification.

The TK-780 mobiles have a Data Connection Port for external mobile data terminals, PC-modems (requires KCT-19 option), or Automatic Vehicle Location units.

Each key is programmable for virtually any radio feature allowing the unit to be customized to fit user needs. Sophisticated feature sets are available for special applications and supervisory personnel.

Flash memory, programming and cloning permit to make updates, advanced feature sets and system architectural changes without ever opening the unit. The radios’s flash memory can store an electronics embedded message containing owner identification, property ID numbers, user and department names, service records, etc. Cloning enables duplicating of radios in the field via a simple interface cable without the use of a PC. Additionally, all radios can have the programming password protection to prevent unauthorized program extraction and duplication.

The TK-780 is equipped with an extra-large 2.25-inch speaker element and delivers four watts of audio power for robust clarity in noisy crowds and industrial environments.

The TK-780 lightweight and compact size facilitates easy mounting even in the tight or awkward positions of today's vehicles.  The front panel can be inverted for correct viewing while leaving the built-in speaker facing away from the mounting surface. The lightweight aluminum die-cast chassis contributes to the TK-780 units' exceptional strength while providing natural transmit heat dissipation.

The radios have high quality audio with compandor noise-reduction feature enhances audio clarity on narrow bandwidth systems and is programmable per channel.  Voice intelligence components are amplified and compressed at the transmit end then re-expanded on the receive end to reproduce the original audio signal.

Public Address (PA) and Horn Alert (HA) capability is available with the optional KAP-1 unit. The PA functions outputs mic audio through the radios external speaker or can feed a more powerful external public address amplifier.  The Horn Alert output can be used to trigger a vehicle horn/light when a valid DTMF or Two-tone selective call is received.

DTMF keypad and microphone provide selective calling, system access, remote control applications and access to automatic dialing features such as the auto-dial memory for telephone interconnect and/or integrated Radio-PABX systems.

The Kenwood TK-780 meets or exceeds a full range of tough U.S. Department of Defense MIL-STD 81 0 C, D & E environmental standards.

Encryption control (optional) provides secure voice communications for law enforcement or private security from low-level inversion to high-level encryption types.

Radio lock password feature prevents unauthorized use of stolen radios with an access code to be entered every time the radio is powered up.


Other Features

Built-in QT
DTMF AND 2-TONE selective call (conventional mode only)
ANI and  Emergency Call feature
Busy channel lockout
Time out timer
Low battery alert


Technical Specifications

Frequency range:  Type 1: 146-174 MHz / Type 2: 136-162 MHz
Systems (Trunked Mode):  Max. 32
Groups (Trunked Mode):  Max. 250
Max. Number of Channels (Trunked/Conventional):  600 / 250
Channel  spacing:  25, 30 KHz (wide) / 12.5, 15 KHz (narrow)
Channel frequency spread: Type 1: 28 MHz / Type 2: 26 MHz
Operating voltage:  13.6 V DC
RF power output:  25 W
Receiver sensitivity (12 dB SINAD): 0.25 mkV
Dimensions:  (W x H x D): 5-1/2 x 5-3/4 x 1-1/2 in. (140 x 145 x 40 mm)
Weight (net):  2.07 lbs (940 g)
Current drain:  Standby < 0.4A / Receive < 1.0A / Transmit < 8.0A

Kenwood TK-780-1 Mobile 2 Meter VHF Ham Radio

SKU: SM40600454
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